Initial impressions

  • Hey all!

    Finally had some time to look at the website. Generally like where it is going and the topics it wants to cover. I have some initial impressions on areas that work or need improvement, but I'll add more as I have a chance to investigate more:

    1. Good idea to go with the minimalist design to begin with. Makes things cleaner and easier to find.

    2. Considering the extra white space on the page, I think it would be helpful to increase the font size of the text for the tag-line below the page title and the explanatory text as well. Selecting a color that contrasted a little more with the background would be helpful, too.

    3. The fade-in highlight of your three sections of the website is good. I like the speed at which it fades in and the color/shape. I would suggest dropping the flashing black and white of the scroll, heart, and flask symbols. It's distracting and off-putting. Maybe just an instant shift from white to black when scrolled over rather than flashing?

    4. I can agree with the another visitor that it's a little unclear what the focus of the page is supposed to be. Whichever you consider to be the core of the business, make that most prominent and then have the other sections visible, but less prominent.

    5. "Wish list" is a little vague. Perhaps "Requests" or something similar would be clearer as to the intent of this section.

    Just some feedback to use as you like. Don't feel obligated to change anything based solely on my impressions, but I hope you find this helpful!

  • Thanks @Entomological ! All feedback is good feedback. We will be revising the website a bit later this month and will definitely be taking these great comments into account (and not just because of my positive bias towards your SoS handle). 🙂


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