• Hello all,
    Here are some general thoughts I had when using your site.

    1. The interface looks great. Simple and easy to navigate. The wishlist and community sections are very well laid out and should make it very easy for teachers to use.
    2. The price points make these a viable option for teachers.
    3. Some additional things I think you could add is maybe some kind of link or map to where people might find 3D printers. In high schools, it is pretty easy to find someone but middle and elementary schools may be more difficult to find. You could add a form/link/etc to have local places like high school, libraries, or makerspaces. If you did, I think educators would be even more likely to download these lessons and STLs because it is one less barrier for them to overcome.
    4. I also think, whenever the NSF grant ends, we could put up lessons like the DBAIT Unit. I would be more than happy to contribute the mold template I made as the model, if you like.
    5. My last comment, which is rather pessimistic but worrisome for me, is how can you keep from someone buying one then mass producing to other teachers or putting all your intellectual property online? I would like to think that people would respect what you have built for them but I am afraid that without some kind of creative licensing (trademarking of some sort) they could easily do it. Maybe look into the structure of how thingiverse sets up there creative commons.

    Overall, this is a great site and a valuable resource for teachers and I am excited to see it grow!

  • Thanks zrmckeever! This is great feedback, and I will respond to these thoughtful suggestions over a few posts.

    1. Easy and quick to navigate for teachers was definitely our goal! I am glad you agree that the technology person behind this, the awesome Jonathan Fulkerson, did a great job. It is going to get even better---but we will always strive for simplicity.
    2. Also great to hear. We will always strive to keep teaching aids very affordable (especially when you can print lots from one file).

  • Regarding #3, locating 3D printers for teachers:
    This is a great idea. We will be adding a specific forum section devoted to 3D printers, and suggestions on where to find them or collaborators with them would be a great 'sticky' topic to lead with.
    One hope that I have is that Science & Math teachers will partner with Technology teachers to get models printed.

  • @zrmckeever said in Notes:

    I also think, whenever the NSF grant ends, we could

    An important feature of this STEM community is that it is not funded by a grant. It is a self-sustaining entity with no end date. I hope this adds value to the posts and lesson plan ideas that users upload by knowing they will remain for the foreseeable future.


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