Teaching Aid Wish List: March 2019

  • Animal cell model update time. Today's organelle was the rough endoplasmic reticulum. The ribosomes can be seen as bumps on the surface. I was considering doing some free-floating ribosomes in the model as well, but I think now that this would just lead to classrooms with BB-sized bits of plastic rolling around on the floor.

  • The rough endoplasmic reticulum is now complete and embedded in the animal cell model. This will come out as a single piece. Tomorrow's job will be modeling the smooth endoplasmic reticulum. I hope you like how this is shaping up!

  • Organelles are coming fast and furious now! Smooth endoplasmic reticulum included. I now think that the centrioles are scaled too large and may make them about 1/2 the size that they are now. What do you think? Which organelle should we do next? Can't wait to print out the main cell in flexible red filament. Clear a spot on your biology classroom desk for this one!

  • Animal cell model design is now complete! The new features are sunk into the upper surface of the cut-away. These are, from left to right, a lysosome, Golgi apparatus, secretory vesicle with cargo being transported to the outer membrane. Let us know what you think. Watch for updates as we begin test prints.

  • Test print of the nucleus for the animal cell model. The yellow color was not letting the chromosomes show up in the photos, so I used an ink wash to highlight them and the pores better in the photograph (Citadel's agrax earthshade). The slightly messy look this imparts is a little more organic in my opinion. We will be printing more organelles soon while we source some transparent red filament for the main cell body.

  • We have some translucent red filament coming to print the cell body! My usual source, Hatchbox, did not have this in stock so we are trying another new brand of filament as an experiment. A full prototype coming soon!

  • First animal cell prototype is done! We need to expand the voids in the cell body a little bit to make the parts more easily removable, but very close.

  • We think we have the clearances worked out now so that the parts can be inserted and removed easily. A few of them had some unexpected rotations necessary. Results of printing and testing the next prototype should be up tomorrow!

  • The animal cell model is ready! The new clearances work great, so that the organelles can be inserted and removed but have enough 'stick' to stay in place. The nucleus can be removed, but also rotates freely---it is a bit of a brain-teaser puzzle to figure out how to remove it! The one-page lesson ideas brief is done and we will have this model up on the website for you very soon.

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