Teaching Aid Wish List: August 2019

  • Classes are starting back up! Full steam ahead, shapers of future leaders! What new teaching aids do you need to engage young minds. Give us a challenge, we're ready for it.

  • Insect Anatomy Model for August 2019: my vote for a new teaching aid is a model of insect internal anatomy. Print a big one for the front of the biology room, or print a small one to put on every desk. Insects are the most popular topic on the planet---get some votes and prove me wrong! Remember to click the upvote next to the model you want, or propose a new one here.

  • Insect Collection Kit for August 2019: Another idea for an August teaching aid. This one could be used to explore biodiveristy, environmental science, and mathematics. Vote for the teaching aid you most want: an insect collecting kit, anatomical model, or something else you suggest.

  • The Insect Anatomy Model will be the September 2019 teaching aid. Look for this new product soon!

  • Butterfly Chrysalis for August 2019:
    Additional Butterfly Chrysalis for August 2019:
    Additional Butterfly Pupae for August 2019:

  • I mis-typed: the insect internal anatomy model was the winning teaching aid for August, not September.


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