Teaching Aid Wish List: September 2019

  • What new teaching aid do you need? We would love to hear from someone outside the biological sciences. Anyone need a new physics or chemistry model or activity?

  • Butterfly Chrysalis: This was suggested in the August wish list because of my mistake---I moved it here. We could actually do the whole butterfly life cycle on a surface. Egg -- caterpillar -- chrysalis -- butterfly models side-by-side or in a circle on a thin smooth board. What do you think?

  • The winning teaching aid for September 2019 will be a 3D model of the butterfly life cycle! Look for this soon.

  • Butterfly life cycle is coming along! We are going to use the monarch as our model butterfly. The egg is modeled and working on the caterpillar. Rather than just using a tube with a few appendages, we are building it up a body segment at a time. So far the thorax is done. Look for updates and some in-progress renders soon!

  • Here is a first look at the butterfly life cycle model in development. The egg is on the left, and the front half of the caterpillar is on the right. More updates soon!

  • Caterpillar model is done. On to the chrysalis.

  • Almost done! Egg, caterpillar, and pupa are done, and the butterfly is about 2/3 done. Should have the life cycle model up within a few days.

  • First test print of the butterfly life cycle is done! Need to alter the adult butterfly model a bit to get some of the finer details to stand out more. The egg, caterpillar, and pupal stages all printed out really well on our $189 Ender 3 printer though!
    What else would you like to see on the model? Should there be text labels for the stages? Arrows between the stages? Let us know.

  • Butterfly life cycle ready! Some alterations to the adult butterfly now have the wing veins and antennae showing up nicely. This will be up in our web store very soon.

  • The butterfly life cycle is now available for purchase on the front page!


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