January 2020 Wish List

  • Welcome to the 2020's! What new teaching aid or model can we make for you this month?

  • A 3D flower reproduction model with emphasis on pollinator interactions. Ex. Darwin orchid vs a sunflower.

  • The teaching aid that we will create for the January competition will be a flower model showing all of the parts. I think we can really do a nice job on this one by having the parts be removable so that students build a flower and learn the parts as they do.

  • Considering leaving 1/4 radially of the flower model absent so that students cam see the parts inside from the side as well. What do you think? Biology teachers---any preference?
    Think we will avoid species in the composite family to keep the parts more easily distinguishable.

  • Flower_parts_01.jpg
    Here is the central body of the flower parts model. The idea with this one will be to have it come as separate parts that the students put together, so there is some active tactile learning going on while they learn the parts and what they do. Leaving 1/4 of the model open will allow us to show the ovaries inside the flower and make it easier to see everything (from the side) when it is assembled. What do you think?


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