Free Teaching Models during COVID-19 Social Distancing

  • Free Teaching Aids: Teachers are under strain due to the sudden changes to way they must deliver content to students. We are offering two models and the associated lesson plans for free as long as the social distancing measures remain in place.
    To get the models sent to you, teachers simply need to sign up to the community with a valid education-related email, and post a quick request here. We will get the files sent to you.
    The free models are: the "plinko" style Variation of Traits in a Population and the Selection on Beak Length models. These can be used separately or together in a unit on variation and natural selection. They both come with our signature 1-Pager lesson plan outlines and background.
    Once you are part of the community, tell us what models you need for your class next! Social distancing may require some new teaching aids, so tell us what you need!


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